A team built together by 6 instructors & academy’s (soon more to join). The main focus for the team is to create advance swimmers and enable them to perform better to beat their own personal best. They are from all age groups from 7-50. They get focused training based on their goals and events. Some of them have a set ATP (Anual Training Plan) based on the events they plan to do for the year. The team is guided and coached by different coaches under a focused chart and workout based on each individual and group ability. There are simple criteria put in place to become an Atlantian so if you’re interested kindly apply below.

Once you’re a Atlantian you will be allowed to log in and check your progress and the sets you need to do. There are 3 sets given every week to follow and every 4 to 7 weeks we take a test to check the progress.

Atlantians Membership Page is on the way. We are working on it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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